We are All Burning in the Fire of Time

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We are all burning in the fire of time.

Now is the time to take action with your career, no matter your skill set, it is the choices you make that determine your exciting future. We all have a responsibility to ourselves as film makers – crew members – actors to take a leap of faith and to believe you belong and have a place within the industry to shine.

With courage, determination, and enthusiasm we can all make a difference to our lives and those others we cherish most. There is no time to put things off or allow excuses to wait for the never coming perfect time. Success is a time thing with a succession of repetitive actions to reach your destiny and there is never an end date. Only you can determine this. Take charge.

By empowering ourselves and others comes responsibility and the belief that our destiny is worthy of the effort, the pain, the sacrifice. Believe me your time will come when you least expect it but you must keep going and be the best version of yourself to achieve your dream your destiny. Let your mind run free.

Do not allow yourself to be trapped by distraction or putting your schedule off. Do not delay writing that script or working the camera, the lighting, rehearsing your monologue or scene, writing an awesome score, and composing a great piece of music, inspecting, and selecting that particular wardrobe. Be fantastic in what you do. Honor people’s successes and be humble. Inspire others as you yourself are inspired. You make the decision to shine.

As Artists, film industry people, theatre people we are the change makers, the cultural carriers of the world, the champions and leaders of our creative journey, so get cracking because our lives are burning in the fire of time!

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