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The primary mission is to establish a One-Stop location to ensure dedicated networking with all the necessary tools and features that will help you create and crew projects. Connect with your peers, build your network, find jobs, access all necessary industry links and advance your career either while on the go or at home.

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World Film Federation IS your central hub for all Independent / Non-Union film professionals who are tired of searching the net trying to find what they need to produce their film or even work in a film. Contacts, Grants, Forms, Festivals, News, Jobs, etc.. it is all listed or linked here for your convenience. 

World Film Federation has brought the truly  INDEPENDENT film community (not a spin-off of Hollywood’s Big Five) into one convenient location; allowing  you, the Independent / Non Union film professional to focus entirely on the business of film without the distractions of what HOLLYWOOD says you should or should not do.



In 2018, there were 871 films  produced in the U.S. for major theatrical release compared to 2,283 in the  Independent and short film market in Texas alone!Total Economic Impact for the 2018 SXSW  was $350.6 Million!

Total Films Submitted = 14,259! 

Total of 7,750 WorldWide Film Festivals!  



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When two men are sent to kill each other what happens if they become friends? SAFE HOUSE tells a dramatic and intense action packed story of an aging Middle Eastern Assassin “Sabine” (Stephen Carracher) who meets a young nameless Mossad Agent (Luke Mulquiney) one night in an International Safe House. Sabine talks to the young agent about his past mission where he was sent to kill Israeli Mossad Agent “Sagive” (Patrick Constantinou) on government orders, but when they are held up in an International Safe House where no man or woman can be harmed, the men form a mutual friendship over a drink and a game of cards. The friendship has Sabine question his orders and make decisions that will tear his world apart, bringing his internal conflict and anguish to a dramatic conclusion.


World Film Federation has added support for five new languages today, bringing its total to 104 languages, the collective speaking population of all five combined is about 75 million people around the globe. Translate the Federation into your favorite language and stay up to date internationally.


   Mr. Richard Wayne started his career working on the hit television series “Dallas” in 1977, as a series regular. Throughout his career Mr. Wayne has worked on several high rating television series;
                                             Prison Break
                                             Walker Texas Ranger
                                             Tool Time ….
   Living in Los Angeles gave Mr. Wayne an opportunity to become a Screen Actors Guild member, (member since 1997). Projects include numerous independent and major studio films. This experience inspired him to take special training to achieve his Directors license along with his Degree in the Film Arts. This progressed to directing his first cable TV show; “Dallas Country Nights”.  Mr. Wayne created, produced and directed several music videos as well as training videos for several corporations,  as well as produced and directed his first full length movie, which gain an invitation to the Cannes Film Festival.

   The main credit he equates  to his directing aspirations is from Michael Preece and Tony Mordente, who directed numerous “Walker Texas Ranger” episodes as well as the “BayWatch” television series. Michael and Tony instructed Mr. Wayne in special techniques with the art of  movie making and directing. Mr. Wayne has several film projects working at this time. These projects have secured distribution and he has received several letters of intent from well-known actors.

   The latest film was also screened at the   Festival Di Cannes where he met John Harvie Morris and the vision was instigated for World Film Federation. 


John originates from Shoalwater Bay, a Marine Park located south of the capital city of Perth, Western Australia. He commenced is professional life as an Australian Rules Football player, then made the decision to serve his country as an Infantry Soldier – Paratrooper in the Australian Army and was duly awarded the Australian Service Medal for his military tour in South East Asia.

Mr. Morris studied theatre at the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. He has since traveled extensively performing theatre productions in the United Kingdom, Ireland and in his homeland Australia.

   John’s industrious and diverse nature between acting and producing engagements also lead him to take on new professional challenges where he made inroads into sophisticated property investment strategies. John’s investment knowledge has assisted many clients who have financially succeeded due to his attitude and solid ethics. In recent times John has been involved in a numerous film projects produced out of Australia and abroad. John’s short film “Safe House” was invited to screen at the prestigious 61st Cannes Film Festival Short Corner achieving much praise and kudos. Safe House was later produced in Hollywood as a feature film starring Denzel Washington. It was in Cannes; France that John met Richard Wayne and henceforth began formulating their idea and concept of creating an international hub for independent film makers, known as World Film Federation.


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