When new writers set out to pitch a TV show, they often ask “How much do TV writers make?“, or “How much can I make from selling a TV show idea as a new producer or writer?” The answer is not one-size-fits-all. Also, how do TV production companies make money? There are a myriad of factors that determine how much one project delivers versus another, as well as what one writer or production company makes compared to another. Budgets determine fees, deals determine participation, and the success of a show influences everything….Read More

This verse, which became The Ode for the Returned Services League, has been used in commemoration services in Australia since 1921. The Ode comes from For the Fallen, a poem by English poet and writer, Laurence Binyon, who was also Assistant Keeper of Prints and Drawings at the British Museum….Read More

There simply is no business with manufacturing capital entry requirements as low as motion pictures. For instance;
HALLOWEEN, (1978) costing as little as $320,000 to produce, earned $255,000,000 and it does not stop earning money – for a lifetime.*

“NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” cost $114,000 and grossed $30,000,000.* …………….. Read More

Now is the time to take action with your career, no matter your skill set, it is the choices you make that determine your exciting future.

We all have a responsibility to ourselves as film makers – crew members – actors to take a leap of faith and to believe you belong and have a place within the industry to shine….Read More

The Federation has searched the net to find the top film festivals and their listed awards, for your convenience. Listed are some of the most lucrative awards…read more

Abu Dhabi International Film Festival
Best Narrative Film: $100,000
Special Jury Award: $50,000
Best Director from the Arab World: $50,000
Best Producer from the Arab World $25,000

  SXSW 2020 was suddenly cancelled due to the Covid-19 Virus which is currently crippling the globe.  No doubt many film professionals around the world including myself had to change their plans, cancel flights and accommodation and at great expense. I decided to attend Austin anyways as I felt compelled to just turn up and meet who ever I could and to support the good people of Austin and their amazing film and music community.I am really glad I did. Even during adversity and challenging times you have to go with your gut feeling. It was great to experience some gem bands during the first weekend of the calendar festival…Read More



It really depends. The first cost is your camera. A DSLR capable of shooting something at least good enough to go online (something like monetized YouTube distribution) costs around $500 to $600 with two lenses.(Bonus, Cost of making a Feature Film Video) Read More

 “Background actors want it known that they look at this as a profession. This is not something that they just go and hand out and do. They know their obligations, they know how to make a scene work! READ MORE

Hollywood filmmakers are threatening to boycott Georgia if the fetal-heartbeat law goes into effect. But let’s be honest here: The TV and movie industry didn’t come to Georgia for its politics; …….READ MORE

Life continues to be a journey of discovery for me; an adventure that draws me to many destinations around the world……

I am putting together an indie film that I will seek distribution and place in festivals. The film in question will be based around one leading actor. What kind of contract or agreement should I create with the leading actor if the film gets distribution and it sells in the six-figures? …….VISIT SITE


Mount Everest for me was only a dream, a place unreachable, a place you only read about in an adventure book…...READ MORE

Movie Trailers consist of a series of selected shots from the film being advertised. Since the purpose of the trailer is to attract an audience to the film, these excerpts are usually drawn from the most exciting, funny, or otherwise noteworthy parts of the film but in abbreviated form and usually without producing spoilers. For this purpose the scenes are not necessarily in the order in which they appear in the film……Read More

It is the trade secret that often provides the company with a competitive edge against other businesses in the same competing market with products or services. The trade secret could increase revenue when no other company has the ingredient, knows the process or has the method in production to sell such products or services to clients or consumers……Read More

I’m getting ready to shop around my TV pilot script and a couple writers I know told me that I should get a good NDA drafted to protect my rights. Is that the best way to protect a television series?…………….. Read More

WORLD FILM FEDERATION  was in attendance at the “Cinefest Oz” Film Festival held in Busselton, Western Australia. The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly mixed things up and stalled the industry to some extent world-wide, so it was a relief to be able to attend Cinefest OZ without restrictions……Read More 

More often than not, poor production value on independent films is a result of putting emphasis and effort in the wrong places, not as a result of not having enough money. For instance, a filmmaker may spend weeks and weeks dwelling over their camera choice, but spend little to no time focusing on their….read more

A decade ago, the main challenge to California’s dominance in the movie industry came from north of the border. Toronto and Vancouver lured film shoots with the cheap Canadian dollar and government subsidies. Eventually…Read More

Investing in Film is one of the best investments you can make, the benefits stretch far beyond the sales of box office tickets. DVD/Blu-Ray sales, television airings, Video on Demand (VOD) subscriptions and the sale of merchandise all count towards the net return a film makes and can continue to generate a net return for a lifetime…Read More

I’m all booked and off to Berlin, Germany for the European Film Market and Berlinale International Film Festival, February. My latest Indie film The Dream Children which I co-produced and filmed in Melbourne, Australia is being marketed at the event so I am looking forward to meeting the sales agent…..Read More

Streets of Cusco
My flight is closing in on Cusco Peru having left the bustling and historical city of Lima. The jungle and mountainous terrain below is mesmerizing and I am excited as to what adventures await and the people I will meet as I plan my daily shot list for my documentary The Streets of Cusco”……

I am on a lone highway traveling in the North-West in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, passing the occasional Road Train, mining light vehicle and tourist van and other adventure seekers on my way to one of the oldest land masses on earth the 2.5 million years old, Karijini National Park. …….READ MORE


Your task will not be an easy one. Your enemy is well trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. He will fight savagely. But this is the year 1944! Much has happened since the Nazi triumphs of 1940-41. ....READ MORE


Have I had gaps between roles? Yes, plenty! But it’s how you maintain a steady you. My experience of rejection goes beyond that of being an actor…..READ MORE 


The two 50 tonne Hump Back Whales slowly approached the tiny craft as it bobbed on top of the freezing Antarctic waters surrounded by ice……READ MORE AND WATCH THE VIDEO

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