The Year The World Stopped/Corona Virus World Wide!

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  SXSW 2020 was suddenly cancelled due to the Covid-19 Virus which is currently crippling the globe. No doubt many film professionals around the world including myself had to change their plans, cancel flights and accommodation and at great expense.

  I decided to attend Austin anyways as I felt compelled to just turn up and meet who ever I could and to support the good people of Austin and their amazing film and music community. I am really glad I did. Even during adversity and challenging times you have to go with your gut feeling. It was great to experience some gem bands during the first weekend of the calendar festival. Certainly the crowds were thin but some independent programs outside the planned festival were taking place.

  The Austin Film School hosted their graduate screenings which was close to full house ( social distancing not yet in place) The selection of short films was various in genre and some films really stood out from the pack, commendable work by all involved. Next it was time to visit the local film studios to get a feel of what Austin had on offer and it was indeed an insight into the local vibrant industry. Elbows were high fived and new contacts made. All in all it was worth the effort to make the trip to Austin, Texas from Perth, Western Australia.

  This exceptional industry we are all so passionate about goes in round abouts, so sometimes you have to take the good with the not so good and make the best of it. Nothing like good old Texan hospitality.

  I look forward to seeing you all at the next film and music festival when that time comes. Stay safe, stay home and be well folks.

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2 thoughts on “The Year The World Stopped/Corona Virus World Wide!”

  1. Darryl Scott

    It was good to see you John. It was unusual to see the World get shut down like this. Especially Texas. It is all good. It will be great when you come back. We will have more fun and adventures next time!

  2. World Film Federation

    Yes, it was a great time while we were there. One thing I noticed is that most of the Austin businesses were really supportive of the situation. They all seemed to be so excited and happy to help the Independent Film Community, the largest community in the film industry (fyi).

    John and I spent several days driving around and visiting the Independent Film Community, checking out their studios in Austin and just getting to know the people there. We were totally surprised at the welcome that we received, no knowing anyone there and yet being invited into their community with open arms.

    The SXSW Festival is a great place to go and really get involved with the entertainment community, if you are thinking on going-WORLD FILM FEDERATION gives the SXSW Film Festival a thumbs up on supporting the Independent Film Community.


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