Ever thought about selling your product to the Film Industry! Well here is your chance. Below is a list of the products supplied to a local production, any of them relate to your business? 

In the making of “The Long Road Home“, production has:
       Given up to 30 haircuts per day
       Burned through 8 pairs of clippers
       Vetted around 2,000 persons for access to Fort Hood.
Went through:
       • 53,600 16 oz. bottles of water
       • 176,000 pounds of ice
       • 4,200 Double Espresso shots
       • 14,792 12 oz. coffee cups
       • 960 packs of Emergen-C
       • 1,000 electrolytes packs
       • 4,320 Advil tablets
       • 170 cans of sunscreen
       • 40 bottles of bug spray
10 carts full of weapons and ammo, including:
       • 94 real weapons, some select fire rifles and belt fed machine guns
       • 40 rubber guns
       • 60 replica weapons including realistic action airsofts
 Rigged over 3,500 special effects bullet hits;
       • countless spark and dust balls
       • more than 10,000 rounds of blanks on 12 individual days of heavy gunfire
       • using 400 cans of ammo
       • filling three 55 gallon drums with spent shell casings
       • 2,500 feet of detonating cord
       • over 1.5 miles of wire to create bullet hit simulations in the walls
       • and approximately 30 miles of wire in total for special effects rigging
Burned through:
       • 500 gallons of fog fluid
       • over 800 gallons of propane
       • 75 pounds of black powder
       • and several hundred gallons of diesel to create a black-smoke effect
 Dressed approximately 80 named soldiers,
       • each in 10 identical costumes in stages of worsening condition…
       • which comes to 800 uniforms for the principal actors and featured background alone
       • put together by up to 6 seamstresses and 3 ager-dyers all working at any one time
       • 1,000 pairs of boots
       • 4,500 hangers
Sewn 9,800 patches
       • 275 costume fittings
       • 3,000 loads of laundry
       • 120 interceptor vests and helmets
       • 70 of which were destroyed with bullet hits and fake blood
       • 15 gallons of movie blood on costumes alone
       • 60 medical stretchers and cots
       • over 600 pressure bandages in field medic and Aid Station scenes
And employed:
       • actual combat medics and ER nurses from local schools 
       • along with 2 actual members of the 2004 2/5 Cav Charlie Company 
To create Sadr City, Iraq circa 2004 in the middle of Texas, we have:
       • 5 months of major design and research work
       • and 14 weeks of bulk construction and set dressing
Designed and printed:
       • more than 150 signs and banners
       • more than 1,000 posters
       • 95 sheets of construction drawings
All involving:
       • 113 buildings: 85 newly constructed, 28 modified existing
       • 9 movable palm trees
       • 75 shipping containers
       • More than 35 army vehicles 
       • 52 sections of faux 10 foot tall blast walls, creating a 100 foot long entry
       • 3 tents with full interiors for Mess, Aid, and Triage
       • 2 built guard towers
       • 1 existing building with 4 dressed interior sets
       • 3,200 feet of drive able roads on 13 streets and alleys 
       • 800 foot Delta street
       • 300 foot Hero Alley
       • 300 foot Sewer Street
       • 300 feet of cross streets and alleys
       • 1,500 feet of back street areas
       • and 3000 linear feet of newly constructed facades
All of which required…
        • 5,921 sheets of plywood (which, laid end-to-end would be four miles)
       • 9,812 2x4s 16 feet long (29 miles end-to-end)
       • 2,689 2x6s 16 ft long (8 miles end-to-end)
       • 4,399 1x4s 16 ft long (13 miles end-to-end)
       • 360,000 yards of sand and 90 pallets of concrete
       • 150 wood doors
       • 35 steel doors
       • And over 1,000 gallons of paint.

To fill our sets, we have:
       – Made more than 4,450 background cast bookings…
       • of which approximately 1,000 were Middle Easterners,
       • of whom approximately 700 were refugees
       • and of which approximately 1,250 were veterans or active military

Finally, in Texas, we have:
– Hired 485 local crew and 58 local cast members
– Rented approximately 75 housing units from Fort Hood for cast and crew
– Booked more than 12,393 nights in local hotels
– Spent:
       •$500,000 on background cast
       • $3.2 million in construction labor and materials
       • $1.3 million in set dressing, costume, and prop purchases
       • $1.8 million in qualified travel costs
       • $400,000 in area Hotels
       • and $550,000 in area stores and vendors

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